Please note that we do not accept insurance for therapeutic services. Insurance companies cover mental illness in individuals and expect therapists to provide diagnoses that may or may not be relevant to what's actually going on for the person. We help repair relationships. Insurance companies limit therapists to 45 minute sessions; we have the flexibility to give as much or little time to your relationship and family as you need.

Everyone on our team is trained to do quality couples and family therapy. While the financial burden may be challenging, the risks that come from receiving couples or family therapy from someone who isn't professionally trained or certified to work with relationships are far greater to the health of your relationship and family. 

For more information, check out an article posted by Couples Therapy Inc, a center for relationship therapy in Northampton, titled "Will My Insurance Pay for Marriage Counseling?"

The cost for an hour of couples, family, or individual therapy is as follows:

Director: Stephen Duclos: $175

Dual-Licensed Therapists: Paula Leech, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists (LMFTs) and Certified Sex Therapists (CSTs): $150.

Licensed Therapists: Jeremiah Gibson, Stana Gnatovich, Florina Apolinar Claudio, LMFTs, and Erik Abel, Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC): $125

Post-Graduate Therapist: Stephanie Wallace, MS): $90.

University students can receive individual therapy for a discounted rate of $90.

You can use your flex spending and health savings accounts to pay for services.

Please look through this website, and call 617-750-0183 or email us on the Contact page with any questions.