Providing health and healing for relationships
in the Greater Boston area


Our Therapists

Therapists at South Shore Family have years of experience providing quality couple and family therapy to relationships in need of hope and comfort. Meet our team:


Therapists at South Shore Family provide individual and group supervision for therapists seeking licensure and wanting to learn more about couples and family therapy:

Forms of Therapy

Our therapists will provide assistance through couples, family, and individual therapy, with goals of reducing anxiety, improving self-worth, and increasing effective communication.

Weekend Intensives

Is your relationship in crisis? We offer weekend-long intensive therapy, packaging three 90-minute sessions together, for couples looking to get their relationship back on track.

Group Therapies

South Shore Family offers a number of group meetings around common interests and issues, with goals of improving trust and developing positive relationships.

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You can schedule an appointment by clicking Book Online at the top of the page, when you visit our therapists' bio pages, or by clicking on the following link: