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We apologize for the lack of blogging over the last month, as October tends to be our busy season.

But during that time, Jeremiah Gibson and Stephanie Wallace have released two episodes of Under the Covers.

A few weeks ago, we talked about the impact of substance use on relationships. Substance use can be a tricky thing to talk about, as we discussed in a previous blog post, but the relationship can be an excellent barometer for determining when substance use turns into substance abuse. When you're feeling buzzed or under the influence, what dynamics appear in your relationship that don't show up in your sober interactions? Do you have more sexual experiences when you're under the influence? Do you notice more sexual problems while under the influence?

There are many possible manifestations of substance abuse, both for the individual and the couple. In Episode 6, we explored the pattern where one partner is the primary user of substances and the other partner uses sparingly, if at all. This dynamic carries a unique sense of anxiety around it because the partner who uses sparingly often tries to convince their partner to find some sort of recovery option. The power dynamics shift in this context, often resembling an anxious parent (the non-using partner) and a resistant teenager (the partner who uses).

We discuss how to get unstuck from the parent-child dynamic by encouraging the partner who uses to establish his/her own recovery process, building relationships with others who are currently in recovery. We also encourage the non-using partner to set clear boundaries around what happens if substance use/abuse happens.

Stephanie and I cover Lake Street Dive's hit song You Go Down Smooth on Episode 6.

And then Friday, we released Episode 7 of Under the Covers. We celebrate Veterans Day by talking about some of the unique challenges of military couples, something I'll dig deeper into in tomorrow's blog post.

But we have much bigger news about Under the Covers. Last weekend, we were accepted to iTunes! You can now listen to all of our episodes and subscribe to our podcast. Please make sure to rate our episodes as well!

We're also on Stitcher, another website that collects radio shows and podcasts. And over the weekend, our episode on military couples got picked up by And, as always, you can listen to Under the Covers on Soundcloud, although moving forward, all links to our episodes will go to our iTunes page.