Therapy for Small (and Large) Business

Did you know that the Boston Red Sox, before they won their first championship in 80 years, brought in a Family Therapist to talk to the team and to look at how the organization related to its players?

Image by Gili Benita on Unsplash

Image by Gili Benita on Unsplash

Business Consulting

Siblings and families who own small businesses often seek the help of Family Therapists. Frequently, a family business becomes conflicted and dysfunctional. This may be front page news. More often, such business arrangements can cause emotional, economic, and psychological distress. Divorce, family disruption, and bankruptcy are not uncommon. The systems approach of family therapy is uniquely designed to resolve such difficulties before crisis leads to disaster. We have been working with families who own businesses for more than 15 years.

In contemporary society, technological progress has caused a generational schism that often interrupts business success. Older and younger workers become antagonists that can disrupt work, cost companies income, and generally unsettle corporate life. Both younger and older workers have positive things to contribute, but only if they work collaboratively. Our services to businesses can help to develop more positive interactions, and save companies from internal strife.

A therapist (or two) from South Shore Family Health Collaborative, LLC, is available to provide onsite or in-office consulting services to businesses with relational and generational difficulties.

Please contact me, Stephen Duclos at 617-750-0183 or by email at to inquire about services and costs.