Couples Therapy

Maintaining an intimate relationship can prove challenging. While some couples can identify a specific moment in their relationship as a “crisis event”, many of our couples report that their relationships have become bogged down as professional and parenting priorities trump the importance of the couple relationship.

Couples counseling rebuilds intimacy between partners. Perhaps one of these factors have prevented you from experiencing an intimate connection with your partner:

• Poor communication, such as criticism and blame
• Sexual issues
• High conflict
• Lack of trust
• Infidelity
• Substance Use or other addictions
• Conflict with other family members
• Thoughts of separation/divorce
• Parenting issues

Our couples therapists focus on improving patterns of communication between partners, with the hope of creating moments of intimate connection in the therapy room. Our couples report decreases in criticism and blame, increases in the ability to express personal and relational needs, and improvements in sexual experiences.