Family Therapy

Family therapy helps families or individuals within a family understand and improve the way family members interact with each other and resolve conflicts together. Family therapy strengthens the family as a whole. The family can be the biggest source of support and love, but at times, it can also be a source of strain and grief. A health crisis, marital struggle, mental illness, parenting issues can stress the relations of even the strongest family bond.

Family therapy can help your family.   Family therapy can help strained relationships, teach new coping skills and improve how your family works together. Whether it’s you, your partner, a child or even a sibling or parent who’s in crisis, family therapy can help all of you communicate better and develop new behavioral patterns. Working with a family therapist, you and your family will examine your family’s ability to solve problems and express thoughts and emotions. You may explore family roles, rules and behavior patterns in order to spot issues that contribute to conflict.

Guided by a family therapist, you’ll learn new ways to interact and overcome current problems. You’ll set individual and family goals and work on ways to achieve them as a family. Starting therapy with a family therapist can be one of the best things you do when your family is experiencing difficulty. You can begin to heal emotional wounds, come to understand one another better and restore a sense of harmony you may not have felt for a long time.

Family issues that can be helped by structured family therapy include:

  • Communication Problems

  • Sexual Difficulties

  • Conflicts with child rearing and blended families

  • Financial Problems

  • Anger

  • Infidelity

If your family is having issues that you feel can be helped by family therapy contact us to speak with one of our licensed family therapists.