Life Coaching

Sometimes, we all need a little coaching. Life coaching is a more informal way of talking about problems. It is focused on a specific issue: developing a new life after a break-up or divorce, doing better at work, finding ways of having better relationships, talking about our sexual life, or a host of other problems that we cannot quite figure out on our own.

Life coaching is usually short term and goal directed, aimed at personal and professional empowerment. You and your Life Couch, a licensed psychotherapist, can determine the goals of counseling, and its duration. The purpose of Life Coaching is to solve a specific problem that has been bothering us. It is brief, responsive, directed counseling with a specific goal in mind.

After an initial interview to determine how to design an alliance with a Life Coach, we can choose to work on building confidence, developing a love relationship that really works, finding a partner, taking care of yourself, or becoming more creative.

Sometimes, we all need a little coaching.