Men's Group

As men, we adopt messages around strength, competence, and protection from a young age. We learn to comfort by fixing problems. We learn to protect by remaining stoic, objective, and unemotional. We learn to provide by competing, tirelessly advertising our strengths and proving our knowledge and capabilities.

We are also prone to adopting a maverick debonair. We can do it ourselves. We silo ourselves and create distance from themes of weakness and vulnerability. 

Research suggests that one in eight men suffer from a mental health diagnosis (anxiety, depression, etc.), but these numbers are thought to be underestimated due to our tendency to under-report and suppress our emotions. The reality is that men are significantly more likely than women to perpetrate violence, abuse substances, wind up incarcerated, and commit suicide.

The South Shore Family Men's Group is a community of men who seek to be better fathers, partners, sons, and workers. We use the interactions of the group to experience support and authentic connections between fellow men.

Participants of the South Shore Family Men's Group will learn:

  • Productive ways to communicate stronger emotions, such as anger
  • Relaxation techniques and other forms of unburdening from high levels of expectations.
  • Effective communication skills as partners, fathers, and friends.
  • Reflections on the own narratives of power and masculinity.

The South Shore Family Men's Group will meet Monday evenings from 5:30 to 7:00 PM, beginning September 26. It will meet in suite 205 at our office (1212 Hancock St., Quincy Center). This is an ongoing group. Sessions are $50; insurance will not cover this specific group. Ideally, this group will have between six and eight individuals.

Jeremiah Gibson, the facilitator of the group, will conduct 45-minute long interviews for potential group members during the months of August and September. Please email him if you are interested in scheduling an interview or learning more about the Men's Group.