Couples Weekend Intensives

In long and short relationships, couples often find themselves questioning whether to stay together. Traditional couples therapy of one hour every week or two sometimes is not enough for such a complex situation.

Whether a couple is jolted by an affair or some other intolerable situation, there is a need to address the problem so that the hurt might be healed. Separation and divorce should not be decided in the heat of crisis, when there is so much to lose.

South Shore Family Health Collaborative offers three sessions of 90 minutes each over the course of a weekend, with one session on Friday evening, and two separate sessions on Saturday morning and afternoon.

The cost of this intensive therapy is $900.00, and is provided every weekend.

Therapy will be provided by senior Couples Therapists who are experienced in dealing effectively with all aspects of relationship and sexuality.

Please call us at 617-750-0183 for more information.